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BrainStorming and PewDiePie

Decided to watch PewDiePie’s resident evil series. Funny and fun to watch. Have to take care of the mind when doing things. Otherwise too much task and you get meh towards yourself.

I’ve been brainstorming future ideas for a generation 100 years away. Possibly 150 years. I’m not sure of what the future holds for the rest of the younger people and their children, but the way things are, it could swing either way. Its been that way ever since. Wars here and there, potential catastrophe around the corner, value this, value that. Change this change that. Its like a never ending cycle of who knows.

So I invested in a time capsule idea. My future ideas are meaningless to most people now I would think. I have no idea how they could be created. I’m not even sure whether the technology is around to make these things. I have also noticed that time is cruel in this world. People seem to dedicate their entire life to one direction, and it seems to either create a lineage for someone else to follow or they become a mention in wikipedia.

I bought some unique plant seeds that have the potential to help future generations due to the varied medicinal and water purification abilities. That would probably be another investment towards another’s future. If the world becomes a horrible place and inhospitable in certain places, I managed to find what it takes to correctly terraform an area. Meaning proper atmospheric conditions for living. Managed to also fund an idea into life seeds.

You have no idea what that is because, well, I’m only just telling you. A life seed can be planted in an area that has no life really, just conditions suitable after terraforming had occurred. The seed would rapidly generate life sources and other forms within water and the surrounding area. Algae would also be part of this rapid growth process. The reason is that those produce more oxygen and help life survive in water ways. Can you image this?

My forest seed would rapidly deploy native species to that area including soil molecules, microbes and worm eggs to help increase the soil quality. So the 2 types of seeds would rapidly deploy life sources to land and water to help rehabilitate that area and make it alive again. This of course would be generation one of the seed pods – so they in turn through enhanced genetics would spawn rapidly for 2 to 3 generations, and then return to their prior growth rates. Hence, advanced genetics.

I managed to also come up with an idea that guns vs robots wont be the only way should we happen to become victims of them. Swords are very useful. This isn’t a photon sword or chemically laced sword, it is simply robust enough to cut fluid lines and armour. Very simple thought.

I have to think about the future, even of this blog. Noone is reading it right now, so that’s fine. It has honestly been the story of my life. Have great ideas, be ignored. It isn’t a sad song, just an honest statement.

On the flip side I coded as well. Am even going to teach myself Java. The apps looked nicer in Java than in Python. Even though Python seems to be great with machine learning, which is what everyone else is doing. So with all that said and done, my code ‘junk pile’ looks like the image above. Nothing too serious, but some great potential. Oh and I managed to get my camera working in Python. Once again, I don’t think the wearable is there yet. I could create it, but it’s probably better to deploy a sustainable drone that can accompany a person places.

Something organic. That’s right, an organic drone that can survive on sunlight, dark light and even just normal light. There’s another wonderful idea. Not biological, organic. Think about it.

Don’t Get Hacked – Follow These 10 Tips

Image Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

It’s 2019. The internet vs your personal computer. Stealing your files, erasing your files, sticking trojans in your router, on your pc, phishing attacks – the list of crap goes on and on. Hands up if you have had files vanish before your eyes? Oh, that would be me, and some of you too. Hands up if you have had files implanted on your pc from someone other than you? Again, that would be me.

If you live in the US, Australia, UK, NZ, or other parts of the world that have sternly protested against other countries that have somewhat tremendous firepower, i.e. China, then you may have also been privileged to learn about other things, like bot networks. I am going to do you a favour, I am going to tell you how to secure your files, and this is not 100% secure, but it is better than sitting there like an idiot watching things go wrong.

1. Secure Your Important Stuff Offline – DAILY (Don’t keep personal things on your computer ONLY HAVE THEM IN A USB!!!)

If you are working on something important, and you fail to save your data offline, meaning a portable drive than you can plug and unplug, you are computing wrong. You absolutely MUST NOT BE AN IDIOT AND LEAVE YOUR IMPORTANT FILES ON YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT SOME FORM OF BACKUP. That is how you learn the hard way that you lost something important. I and others have had it happen. Don’t go through it if you can. Every time you work on your computer, your file, and its really important to you, make sure you put it onto a portable drive. And don’t transfer it when you are online, make sure you transfer it when you are offline. Why offline? In case some lurker POS decides to wander into your USB device and hang 10 for a while.

Make sure you cut off any connection to the outside internet, and internalise your connection completely, which you transfer, save and if so make edits to your file. When you have finished transferring, do take your USB out and make sure that you back up your USB as well to another device. I’m not joking. Be absolutely anal about making sure you have dozens of copies of your file. Then jerks online cannot totally ruin your day.

2. Make sure you update your software i.e. Operating system and any programs you use.

Any out of date software will present a chance to jerks of the internet. Make sure you are not lagging behind, and if the latest updates are still exploitable, maybe do away with that program.

3. Use a VPN when you are online.

Obscure your connection from MITM (Man in the middle) attacks. IPVanish, NORDVPN and EXPRESSVPN seem to be good. I wont recommend one or the other. You find your own, but you need one with stellar encryption, no logs, no logs and that’s right, NO LOGS.

4. Don’t be fricken idle with your files.

Honestly, if you go to sleep by not think about your files, your internet and what could be happening, you deserve to have things go missing. You must be vigilant with your files. If you aren’t, then the jerks who want your info will be.

5. If you are not using your internet, TURN IT OFF.

Don t leave your connection hanging out there. Turn the damn thing off. If it’s just hanging out there, people can sit there and launch attacks at it to gain your password and then access to your network. Then your pc and anything else connected to your internet. TURN IT OFF. If you are not using it, turn it off.

6. Antivirus, Defender, Firewall, Everything On.

If you have these on your computer, make sure you get the best. Make sure its up to date. Make sure the settings are set to PARANOID. Be warned. Proper hackers are assholes. They will make sure that their exploits will get through any system (including Linux) because those exploits are worth money on the black market. Those black markets can give massive sums to people with exploits against the latest version of windows, MAC or other device. And unfortunately, even if you are up to date, if they have packaged it in a way that does not warn the ANTIVIRUS etc, then that’s what people pay good money for. The only truly nice thing about this point, is that you have to be a very good hacker to be that good. And you don’t become something like that overnight. Trust me, I know.

7. You are not just being attacked by PEOPLE.

You may not know this, but it’s 2019. And in 2019 bot armies can do the job of thousands of hackers. I recently viewed MEMCRASHED. If you don’t know what that is, it is Ddos attack program that uses UDP connections to a target pc. Not only that, but it can muster the power from some 45000 computers at its disposal. You need to know that there are some clever bastards out there than create an Autobot (Not the good kind like in transformers) army to trawl the internet or some IP they have, to constantly test your or someone elses system with modified exploits or custom exploits made or bought. These bots will persist with everything – you may be alerted, you may not be – but they persist with the effort to breach, gain a shell and enter your system to steal, do damage, or simply spy on you. How to defend? Make sure you are up to date, make sure you turn off your internet when its not in use AND –

8. Refresh your router frequently if you think you are being targeted.

This is a hard one for some, as they don’t always have access to the router, but refresh your connection if you can. That means reboot it. Also, install VPN on it if you can (VPN on your own pc is good too) so you can encrypt your connection. Make sure the firewall is set on high, make sure the firewall on your pc is also set on high. Be really strict and screwing these people over. They will be persistent, and continue to try everything they can until they get into your computer, or install malware on your router. Just refresh, update and when it doubt FACTORY RESET and re-update.

9. Don’t be afraid to factory reset your computer.

I know this might sound really effed to do, but don’t be afraid to factory reset your PC. If you think you have been hacked, or you think you have a persistent back door on your computer, absolutely destroy everything on it and send it back to when you first opened it out of the box. If you are using Linux, be a jerk to people and encrypt your partitions, and make your passwords complicated.

10. Be a real pain in the ass and have long passwords for everything.

I took this so seriously I wrote my own program for this. I wrote a python program to generate long multi character passwords that are over 30 characters long. If you make it hard for yourself to remember them, they, the hackers and jerks online, have no chance either. If you have a hard time remembering them, use a password manager. And store any secret key to it offline in multiple locations so you cant forget it, but it cant be reached unless physically obtained. If they are that keen and show up in person with people, just give it to them. Depending on what it is, it may be worth your life. I’m not sure, I don’t know.

These are my 10 tips for 2019 to say EFF OFF to jerks and bots online. You don’t win friends with salad. Be smart, work smart. Dumb people get hacked and harassed.

All the best.

Defeat In Programming – It’s Just Not There Yet!!

Wow, it’s been an interesting week. I set out to develop a motion sensing app you could run from your phone. The app was designed in theory to attach to a separate bluetooth camera that could peer behind a person as they walked.

It was to be a self defence tool for women as they walked home at night or during the day anywhere, anytime. I am absolutely disappointed that through all of my research, I have concluded that the programming languages of today are not up to developing functional GUI within python especially, as an app that can be attached to android.

I had it all planned in my head:

The camera would be put into silent observation mode, and through motion sensing and IR capable fields, it would report if someone was walking behind them. The app would sound an alarm, and the person could quickly check their phone to peer into the camera to see what was behind them. There would be no lag in view and the person could view behind without alerting what was behind them to fact they were being viewed.

It could zoom and capture with detail too what the other person or persons were doing. You could take a photo or maintain the recording. It would have an automatic upload feature to EMAIL because it is far more secure in the event of worst case scenario circumstances.


I personally thought it was a great idea, I just couldn’t find the language to get the program created. Furthermore wearables are not up to the standard I desire, at least not in 2019. Its bollocks that they are not, and if they are, I am not aware of them.

I went through multiple libraries: Java, C, C++, Python3 and Swift – none of them were particularly useful, although creating a camera with a GUI is what I am up to – however, to transcribe it into an app, there is no SDK capable of communicating the present script written with the PyQt5 modules available.

All well. It is better to try your idea, pursue it fully to find out that is just not doable a present than to think about it and never do anything with it.

I set a goal to make a program tonight!

Today I was thinking to myself; I have to write a program to share today. I set myself the goal of writing it, so I sat down and thought about what I would like to create. I went through my thoughts and knew 2 things about myself. I love safety and security. I had already created thus far a password maker. I was proud of that project. Today, I wanted to do something similar in Python 3, but it turned out to be contrary to what I wanted to do.

I got scripting in Python, creating the intro, the open and closing of files. However, the crucial code I wished to execute, I couldn’t find the means to do it after gaining the users input. Not using the os.method or any other method in fact to invoke the bash script desired.

So I changed from Python scripting to Bash scripting. I had to change a bit about my project to get it to work, but what occurred was a very hacky, but cool program that does what I wanted it to do.


You see, to remove a file via the command rm -f doesn’t do the erasure of the file justice or completely. It is just sitting there in the background, just waiting for an apt forensic specialist to just come along and pick it out from the other 0’s and 1’s.

I did a bit of research and it turns out Debian has a cool function called Shred. The shred function is very cool. And in fact, you can call that shred function within the script within one line in the terminal. But where is the fun in that!!

The script I wrote in Bash provides you with a nice heading provided by figlet, then a welcome message, followed by a blank area to input the file you wish to erase. Then with your selection shred goes to work removing its existence from your computer.

And before too long you are met with an exit message and you are back in your terminal. As far as graceful coding goes, it is not the prettiest script to look at, but the function it delivers is absolutely fine. I would rather a functioning script that looks spot on during operation, than have to labour too much over aesthetics for someone who wants to read my code.

Function is important to me, and you can achieve the function in whatever way works. If you would like to clone the repository, or download it via zip – go to:

The instructions are in the All you have to do is:

chmod +x (This gives it executable power via the ./ )

Then to execute:


And that’s it. As far as Windows or Mac systems using bash in the terminal or command prompt, you will have to do your research there I’m afraid. I’m not sure how that would work for Windows in particular. I know the Mac has bash within the terminal that you can utilise or maybe you can install it with brew. I can’t remember.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy secure delete. I am proud that I was able to create a good program tonight that is useful many times over. It is a nice, simple command line tool.

Have a good night.


The Secret Kali Linux Menu ^.^

You may not know about this, many Kali Linux users don’t know this. There is a menu system that I have never before seen displayed or mentioned in texts anywhere online. I’m fairly certain many people are keeping it secret.

I’m not going to. Kali Linux comes with over 300 tools ready to use for penetration testing. To access those tools has been a mystery to me until I clicked on the menu and found what lay underneath. Please look at the above images.

The first image shows you the standard drop down menu, however, when you click on the title it shows you the sections you can access for that particular title. Neat huh! I bet you had no idea that was there. I’ll say again that I have NEVER seen it displayed or mentioned anywhere out there online. So I am happy to share this with you today.

Have fun exploring it. There is much more mystery to Kali Linux than meets the eye.


A Custom Password Generator

Password Maker in Python 3 Output

Making your own password generator is a very useful, practical skill to have. Since I write in python 3, I decided recently that I would like to have my own.

I had previously requested passwords of complicated length and form to be produced online via other websites. The problem I have with that is obviously the person can find out the password length used in correspondence to the IP addressed logged at the website. If they are very tech savvy even with VPN protocol being used, they may be able to find out your identity and use your generated password to access data elsewhere.

To eliminate the possibility of threat to my passwords and data, I believe it is honestly best practice to create your own password maker. I have offered a screen shot above to show what mine looks like. I really believe the longer the better. You don’t have to remember these kinds of passwords, as you can store them in an offline location easily accessed by you and forever difficult for someone else.

You can view the code for the password maker at this link:

You may or may not know how to operate this code. It is very simple. The syntax is as follows:


And that’s it! If you are using windows you will first need to install python 3 from the Microsoft app store. For any other distribution, just follow their instructions for installing python 3 onto your PC.

There isn’t anything to be afraid of if you are installing python 3. It is simply the programming language and nothing else. Have fun using this code. There is a special thanks within the script itself.

Have fun ^.^

Day Off for a Tech

Tanjirou – Demon Slayer

I am such an Anime junkie. Seriously. Since I discovered AnimeLab, I have been watching episodes of everything cool for hours on end.

I was programming before that, but since it’s about time off, it’s all about Anime.

Sword art online – amazing. One Punch Man – awesome. Demon Slayer – so cool. Attack on Titan – for me this was intense. Intense by the way of character expressions and high amounts of emotion. It was a strain but cool to watch. I just wanted them to win so bad.

Fairy Gone is cool. I would watch more of it but there doesn’t seem to be anymore coming. The thing I love about Anime is the escape. To go on adventures with characters. To fall in love with their scenarios. And to emotionally feel connected to the character and what it is they seek. The powerful prowess of lead characters and their support is also something I would love to be a part of.

To move so effortlessly, to be the awe of people due to the amazing competence of saving others. What a great way to act, be portrayed and feel connected to. It’s so much fun. There is always that nice underlying message within anime. Be a hero, look after the girls, be respectful and fight evil. I love that. I have always been like that. Even before anime was around.

I love junk food too. Who doesn’t. Pizza, Mcdonalds, random lollies at the supermarket. Especially coffee and tea. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. But I do love food, I love anime and through those two things, my days off are simple, elegant, and peaceful. My girlfriend is awesome too, love her. She has her own projects she does and shares.

Do you have a favourite anime? ^.^
What about food? ^.^

How to find bugs in updates

apt-listbugs displayed within the terminal

As many us may know, updating out systems is important. Usually an update patches a bug. That bug could simply be a function error or a security flaw.

With Debian systems, you can find out these bugs easily with a small download via the terminal. This download will help you list the bugs, whether they are outstanding or not, and what error could have occurred should the bug be allowed to exist.

The install is called apt-listbugs.

To install apt-listbugs into Debian based distros, type the following into your terminal:

sudo apt install apt-listbugs -y

Once you have this installed, when you update or upgrade your system, you will get a final bug check of all upgrades and updates before they are installed. You will get to make the final call as to whether or not these items are parsed onto your system.

Router Defence

Home network connections – I have learned the hard way to make these as secure as I can.

I have found in my experience, that it is essential to check your router logs for all senses of intrusion including pings.

People can ping often, but more importantly, make use of poor router security and make secure connections to your router, and in some instances, load files onto it making it part of a bot army.

I will share services and functions that should be disabled if you wish to be secure.

They are:

UpnP – discover it and disable it in your advanced section of your router.
FTP – block access to it.
SSH – disable access to it.
SMTP – disable access to it.
SNMP – disable access to it.

IPv4/IPv6 – SPI Firewall enable.
DoS Protection – enable all flood filters to their highest potential.
IGMP Snooping – disable it.

These before mentioned services if left alone, with standard login credentials can be used to do nasty things. I was once a host of a YouTube channel talking about security related topics. I was new at the time and didn’t know anything. I was so focused at the time on being system secure, that I completely neglected my router.

I found that the UpnP function of my router was being exploited DAILY. I saw IP addresses all over the world coming to my router and having a party. When I discovered this, I swiftly went about blocking ranges of IP addresses and using whois to identify them within the terminal.

I will give you some additional tips now:

IP Address Pool – however many devices you have, include just enough to cover those devices. Leave NO ROOM at all for additional connections aside from devices you already own.
Primary and Secondary DNS – change these to something of your own choice, change them from your Internet providers ones.
Enable your VPN server within your router.
Enable 5g network and hide your SSID(Router name) from public availability.

Change the name of your connection(Your SSID) to something that doesn’t detail your router. For example, instead of letting it be Telstra54657 change it to anything you like. Not detailing what model your connection consists of, enables a security tick in your corner.

Last but not least:

Use a LAN connection (RJ45 cable) to connect your router to the computer.

I have found that in doing this, and checking my logs often, I am able to ensure the security of my router and my PC. Not doing these, enabled people access to my router, and as such my personal information.

The password for your router needs to change from whatever was originally installed. I do highly recommend a complicated 30 character password. I have found that through tests with password cracking software, it will take beyond our lifetime many fold to crack them. Naturally, quantum computers may make that task easier – I don’t know.


To Debian and Beyond

Kali Terminal Customised

When I used windows, I knew nothing about computers. All I knew how to do was look, click, download and scan. I was aware of other skills, but they soon became the monster of the world.

What I found horrible, and it is one of most influential memories, is when someone breached my pathetic security on windows 10, planted a video within my videos that didn’t belong to me and left.

This occurred because I entered the deep web looking for a book. This book I won’t mention, and when I happened on a tor site that possessed it, or fragments of it, I was soon met with a technically minded person who had the ability to breach windows 10.

I knew someone was in my system, because I could hear them cycling through. I literally could hear the little movements they made with the sounds my computer was making. The screen flashed on the desktop and that’s when I turned off the internet.

I went through my files, I knew intuitively something was there. And I saw it, a video. I won’t say what sort of a video, but a video that I would never download myself. So I did what any person would do, I deleted it and went through the rest of my files.

On my desktop was the folder EXE. So that was also put there by the intruder. I removed that too. After this I decided over the coming weeks I was going to learn about the ugly word Hacking.

That’s when I found Kali Linux. I wanted to learn because I am actually an ex martial artist who created his own system. 17 years of street fighting. I learned that in order to fight network intruders, I had to become a network warrior too.

I learned how to install Kali Linux onto a USB, to turn off safe boot mode in the BIOS to make sure it loaded and created a persistence drive on the USB so I could save information. The drive itself was 8gig. I loaded it up, was so happy when I saw it and I explored the tools,

Terminal is where I placed myself and from then on, it’s where I have lived. Kali Linux has saved me from the mindless use of windows and created through my desire to fight back, and system that I did customise to my needs.

I recommend after experimentation, multiple failures and lots of reading and application, that YOU should learn Kali Linux. If YOU have been attacked online, learn Kali Linux. If you have had files stolen or planted on your system, learn Kali Linux.

Feeling weak and powerless regarding network defence is a horrible feeling. I felt it. I was it. Learning how to use Terminal and Kali Linux has helped me feel safer and more secure than any subscription to AntiVirus could ever do.

If you have gone through something like I have, feel free to share it ^.^

This is a new blog, but I’d like to help people with it.

Origato ^.^