Day Off for a Tech

Tanjirou – Demon Slayer

I am such an Anime junkie. Seriously. Since I discovered AnimeLab, I have been watching episodes of everything cool for hours on end.

I was programming before that, but since it’s about time off, it’s all about Anime.

Sword art online – amazing. One Punch Man – awesome. Demon Slayer – so cool. Attack on Titan – for me this was intense. Intense by the way of character expressions and high amounts of emotion. It was a strain but cool to watch. I just wanted them to win so bad.

Fairy Gone is cool. I would watch more of it but there doesn’t seem to be anymore coming. The thing I love about Anime is the escape. To go on adventures with characters. To fall in love with their scenarios. And to emotionally feel connected to the character and what it is they seek. The powerful prowess of lead characters and their support is also something I would love to be a part of.

To move so effortlessly, to be the awe of people due to the amazing competence of saving others. What a great way to act, be portrayed and feel connected to. It’s so much fun. There is always that nice underlying message within anime. Be a hero, look after the girls, be respectful and fight evil. I love that. I have always been like that. Even before anime was around.

I love junk food too. Who doesn’t. Pizza, Mcdonalds, random lollies at the supermarket. Especially coffee and tea. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. But I do love food, I love anime and through those two things, my days off are simple, elegant, and peaceful. My girlfriend is awesome too, love her. She has her own projects she does and shares.

Do you have a favourite anime? ^.^
What about food? ^.^