The Secret Kali Linux Menu ^.^

You may not know about this, many Kali Linux users don’t know this. There is a menu system that I have never before seen displayed or mentioned in texts anywhere online. I’m fairly certain many people are keeping it secret.

I’m not going to. Kali Linux comes with over 300 tools ready to use for penetration testing. To access those tools has been a mystery to me until I clicked on the menu and found what lay underneath. Please look at the above images.

The first image shows you the standard drop down menu, however, when you click on the title it shows you the sections you can access for that particular title. Neat huh! I bet you had no idea that was there. I’ll say again that I have NEVER seen it displayed or mentioned anywhere out there online. So I am happy to share this with you today.

Have fun exploring it. There is much more mystery to Kali Linux than meets the eye.