To Debian and Beyond

Kali Terminal Customised

When I used windows, I knew nothing about computers. All I knew how to do was look, click, download and scan. I was aware of other skills, but they soon became the monster of the world.

What I found horrible, and it is one of most influential memories, is when someone breached my pathetic security on windows 10, planted a video within my videos that didn’t belong to me and left.

This occurred because I entered the deep web looking for a book. This book I won’t mention, and when I happened on a tor site that possessed it, or fragments of it, I was soon met with a technically minded person who had the ability to breach windows 10.

I knew someone was in my system, because I could hear them cycling through. I literally could hear the little movements they made with the sounds my computer was making. The screen flashed on the desktop and that’s when I turned off the internet.

I went through my files, I knew intuitively something was there. And I saw it, a video. I won’t say what sort of a video, but a video that I would never download myself. So I did what any person would do, I deleted it and went through the rest of my files.

On my desktop was the folder EXE. So that was also put there by the intruder. I removed that too. After this I decided over the coming weeks I was going to learn about the ugly word Hacking.

That’s when I found Kali Linux. I wanted to learn because I am actually an ex martial artist who created his own system. 17 years of street fighting. I learned that in order to fight network intruders, I had to become a network warrior too.

I learned how to install Kali Linux onto a USB, to turn off safe boot mode in the BIOS to make sure it loaded and created a persistence drive on the USB so I could save information. The drive itself was 8gig. I loaded it up, was so happy when I saw it and I explored the tools,

Terminal is where I placed myself and from then on, it’s where I have lived. Kali Linux has saved me from the mindless use of windows and created through my desire to fight back, and system that I did customise to my needs.

I recommend after experimentation, multiple failures and lots of reading and application, that YOU should learn Kali Linux. If YOU have been attacked online, learn Kali Linux. If you have had files stolen or planted on your system, learn Kali Linux.

Feeling weak and powerless regarding network defence is a horrible feeling. I felt it. I was it. Learning how to use Terminal and Kali Linux has helped me feel safer and more secure than any subscription to AntiVirus could ever do.

If you have gone through something like I have, feel free to share it ^.^

This is a new blog, but I’d like to help people with it.

Origato ^.^