Defeat In Programming – It’s Just Not There Yet!!

Wow, it’s been an interesting week. I set out to develop a motion sensing app you could run from your phone. The app was designed in theory to attach to a separate bluetooth camera that could peer behind a person as they walked.

It was to be a self defence tool for women as they walked home at night or during the day anywhere, anytime. I am absolutely disappointed that through all of my research, I have concluded that the programming languages of today are not up to developing functional GUI within python especially, as an app that can be attached to android.

I had it all planned in my head:

The camera would be put into silent observation mode, and through motion sensing and IR capable fields, it would report if someone was walking behind them. The app would sound an alarm, and the person could quickly check their phone to peer into the camera to see what was behind them. There would be no lag in view and the person could view behind without alerting what was behind them to fact they were being viewed.

It could zoom and capture with detail too what the other person or persons were doing. You could take a photo or maintain the recording. It would have an automatic upload feature to EMAIL because it is far more secure in the event of worst case scenario circumstances.


I personally thought it was a great idea, I just couldn’t find the language to get the program created. Furthermore wearables are not up to the standard I desire, at least not in 2019. Its bollocks that they are not, and if they are, I am not aware of them.

I went through multiple libraries: Java, C, C++, Python3 and Swift – none of them were particularly useful, although creating a camera with a GUI is what I am up to – however, to transcribe it into an app, there is no SDK capable of communicating the present script written with the PyQt5 modules available.

All well. It is better to try your idea, pursue it fully to find out that is just not doable a present than to think about it and never do anything with it.