A Custom Password Generator

Password Maker in Python 3 Output

Making your own password generator is a very useful, practical skill to have. Since I write in python 3, I decided recently that I would like to have my own.

I had previously requested passwords of complicated length and form to be produced online via other websites. The problem I have with that is obviously the person can find out the password length used in correspondence to the IP addressed logged at the website. If they are very tech savvy even with VPN protocol being used, they may be able to find out your identity and use your generated password to access data elsewhere.

To eliminate the possibility of threat to my passwords and data, I believe it is honestly best practice to create your own password maker. I have offered a screen shot above to show what mine looks like. I really believe the longer the better. You don’t have to remember these kinds of passwords, as you can store them in an offline location easily accessed by you and forever difficult for someone else.

You can view the code for the password maker at this link:


You may or may not know how to operate this code. It is very simple. The syntax is as follows:

python3 password.py

And that’s it! If you are using windows you will first need to install python 3 from the Microsoft app store. For any other distribution, just follow their instructions for installing python 3 onto your PC.

There isn’t anything to be afraid of if you are installing python 3. It is simply the programming language and nothing else. Have fun using this code. There is a special thanks within the script itself.

Have fun ^.^